St Patty's Girls

This tutorial was written and created by me on 10th February 2014
and for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies needed 

Created by using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.

I am using the fantastic artwork of  ©Keith Garvey with a valid license
Please go Here to purchase tubes and license.

I'm using PTU St Patty's Day created by Vickie's Scraps
You can find this beautiful kit Here.

Template_fall01 by Melissa from Misfits  Here

Mask of choice
Font of Choice or the one I used  Orion

Open template duplicate close original.
Delete the following layers.From Raster 5 layer and all the copied 5 layers Raster3
and  copy layer/s and raster 6 layer.

Starting from the bottom white layer up

On Grey Merged stripes select all Float Defloat.
C/p SPD_pp13_VS into selection, deselect.
Continue on I used the following:
SPD_pp1_VS on black Merged layer.
SPD_pp10_VS on Grey Merged layers.
Add a new layer above Raster 2 layer, - c/p into selection SPD_pp20_VS. 
Then add another new layer c/p SPD_pp2_VS then Image Flip then delete the original layer.
On the  black frame layer click inside right with Magic wand, new layer c/p your tube.
Repeat for the left frame side, deselect.Add drop shadow to tube layers.
Add your main tube above ele28 layer.

Elements used
SPD_ele7_VS c/p resize move to center of frame merged layer.
SPD_ele66_VS c/p resize center bottom frame.
SPD_ele28_VS resize move to bottom of frame.
SPD_ele5_VS c/p resize place on left of layer.
SPD_ele17_VS c/p resize move to bottom right of layer.
SPD_ele19_VS c/p resize move to bottom left of layer.
SPD_ele12_VS c/p resize move to center bottom of layer.
SPD_ele79_VS c/p resize paste above raster 4.
SPD_ele45_VS c/p resize paste above ele79 then using selection tool remove ends. Use your 
Eraser tool to tidy the ends.

 See tag for placement.
These are only a guide feel free to add others elements.
Give all your elements a drop shadow.
SPD_ele23_VS c/p resize image mirror.
SPD_ele24_VS c/p  resize arrange both balloons then Merge down layers arrange.
Duplicate move both down above background layer.
I didnt add any drop shadow to these layers.
New layer c/p SPD_pp_VS apply your mask merge group.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save as png.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.