Rose Petals ♥

This tutorial was written and created by me on 24th February 2014
and for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies needed 

Created by using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.

I am using the fantastic artwork of © Caron Vinson with a valid license
Please go Here to purchase tubes and license.

Scrapkit Pearly Rose created by Dnscraps
You can find this beautiful kit Here

Font used Spahrty Girl

New transparent raster layer 700x 700   .

You can resize or crop later.

Open PearlyRosednscrapscapframeribbon c/p resize 80 percent.
click inside with Magic wand,selections Modify Expand by 4
add new layer below frame c/p into selection PearlyRosednscrapspaper 8 deselect, merge.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsglitterframe resize 75 percent move to left of layer.
Click inside with Magicwand, selections Modify Expand by 4, new layer
c/p into selection PearlyRosednscrapspaper4 deselect.
Adjust Blur Gausian blur-40 drag below frame.Merge frame and paper.
Open your tube c/p closeup into selection, deselect.Change blend mode to Lumancy(L).
Add your main tube move to right of layer add drop shadow.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsfan c/p below first frame layer, resize 75 percent add drop shadow.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsframeroses c/p duplicate see tag.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsdiamonds c/p resize 65 percent place between frames see tag.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsdecoratedhearts c/p resize50 percent move down next 
to tube add drop shadow.
Open PearlyRosednscrapscats c/p at bottom of  left frame
resize 65 percent twice add drop shadow. 
Open PearlyRosepetalbox c/p resize 45 percent move down bottom of frames add drop shadow.
Open PearlyRosednscrapsribbons c/p resize 85 percent move to left frame add drop shadow.
Open PearlyRosednscrapspins3 c/p resize 35 percent movt to top of ribbon. 
then using your selection tool remove the middle section by tapping Delete.

Open PearlyRosednscrapsstars c/p below tube layer then resize 75 percent.
Open PearlyRosednscrapssweetroses use your selection tool on first rose c/p as new layer.
Resize 38 percent then duplicate three times. Arrange around the petal box.

Add drop shadow to all.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save as png.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.