Fairy Babe ♥

This tutorial was written and created by me on 1st February 2014
and for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies needed 

Created by using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.

Scrapkit is Baby Magic Fairy created by ©DNScraps
You can purchase this beautiful kit Here.

Template DD_Christmas_2_Languages by Dangerously Delicious 

Font of Choice

Open template copy close original.
Delete the following layers.
Info, mistletoe, mistletoe d/s, raster layers 3-6,stars,center d/s layers.

Select white strips layer. 
Selections Float Defloat c/p Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper9 into selection-deselect.
Repeat above using the following on these layers.

Rid strip layer- Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper1
green strip layer - Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper4
red circle layer - Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper7
light green rectangle layer - Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper5
green circle layer - Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper6
brown circle layer - Babymagicfairykitpudnscrapspaper14

On white circle layer apply these setting-Adjust-noise.
 On green circle layer apply these settings-Adjust-noise.

I used the following elements-:
c/p = copy and paste

Babymagicfairykitpulittlestars c/p above light green rectangle layer.
Babymagicfairykitpuflowersmushroom resize-Image miror above dotted rectangle layer.
Babymagicfairykitpubutterflystarss resize 85 percent above brown circle layer.
Babymagicfairykitpuhallo c/p resize 95 percent see tag for placement.
Babymagicfairykitputreehouse c/p resize 75 percent move to right.
Babymagicfairykitpugnome c/p resize32 percent move to top left corner.
Babymagicfairykitpucat c/p resize 45 percent move to bottom of frame.
Babymagicfairykitpumagicalmushroom2 c/p resize 35 percent move to  bottom right.
Babymagicfairykitpulittlefairy c/p resize 85 percent move to left.
Babymagicfairykitpubottlelights cp/ resize 65 percent move to right.
Babymagicfairykitpubutterfly c/p paste resize 45 percent move to top right duplicate
 resize 30 percent Image mirror move above purple mushrooms.

Add a drop shadow to all layers except  butterflystarss layer.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.