Summers Dying Wish

Written on 17th September 2013 using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP


Summers Dying Wish created by Jackie's Jewels
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Scrappingdollars Here..

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Arthur Crow.
You can purchase this tube Here 

Please do not use  his tube/s without a valid license.

Mask of Choice.

Drop Shadow 2/2/50/5.

Font AnnabelleJF 'LessIt'

C/P = Copy Paste
New transparent raster layer 750 x 750.

You can resize or crop later.

Select your Elispe Tool draw out a oval med-large, duplicate then enlarge slighty.
On duplicated layer select all expand by 3, c/p into selection pp1 deselect 
then apply these settings: Adjust Add Noise.

Select oval-1 layer select all expand by 3 c/p into selection pp9 .
Select your closeup tube new layer paste into selection. Resize 75 percent twice. 
Move to left of frame.Change Blend Mode to Luminacy(L) and lower Opacity to 51.
Add a new layer below oval-2 using Preset Rectangle then duplicate layer
 place one lower right of layer the other top left of layer.
On bottom rectangle select all expand by 3 c/p pp4 into selection, deselect.
On top rectangle select all expand by 3 c/p pp7 into selection, deselect.
Select Cloud cp/ move to  top left of oval frame.
Select Brickwall c/p move  to the left bottom of oval frame.
Select Bush c/p move to left of layer.
Select Chest 1 move to right of layer resize 75%.
Select Book2 c/p move to right of layer resize 75% twice.
Select MusicNotes c/p move to left of layer resize 85%.
Select Pumkins c/p move down in fron of chest resize 55%.
Select Book c/p move down in front of other books resize 45%.
Select your main tube c/p arrange on chest, resize if needed.
Select Watch c/p move next to tube hand.
Select Bird c/p move to top left of musicnotes, Image-Flip Horizontal, resize 70%.
Duplicate the bird move to right  top of lower rectangle resize 65%.
On background layer select all c/p pp1 into selection deselect apply your mask.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.