I'm Too Sexy for My Tat's ♥

Written on    using PSP X3 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.


  Sexy Tatoos created by Delicate Pearl
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Scrappindollars.

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Arthur Crowe 
Please do not use tube/s without a valid license.

Mask of Choice.

Let's Go!!!

New transparent raster layer 800 x 800.

Select your Preset shape- I used the No symbol sign draw out 
a large shape-Align Center in center.
Click to enlarge.

Click in the outside shape Modify expand by 4. Open DPI_SexyTatoo_paper07
 paste into selection then apply a Inner Bevel of choice.Add a drop shadow. 
Click inside both sides of shape Modify-expand by 4.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_paper05 paste into selection. Adjust-Blur.Drag under layer 1.
Open your closeup tube copy paste align selections-Invert tap delete.Lower Opacity to 65.
Merge all layers visible.Add a new layer Arrange send to bottom select all.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_paper02 paste into selection apply your mask.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element04 paste below merged layer. Resize to fit shape give a drop shadow.
Draw out a circle just larger than the circle element add the your own wordart or the one I used 
 - I'm too sexy for my Tat's .
Click on the box+ then closeout the circle layer convert to raster layer.Give your wordart a drop shadow.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element15 paste resize 43 percent move to left of layer add drop shadow.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element17 paste as new layer above heart resize 32 percent.
Image Mirror drag back to left side of layer place on over heart/ribbon, add drop shadow.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element45 paste as new layer above merged shape layer.
Using FreeRotate 32-Right. Duplicate Image Flip.
Add your main tube resize if needed give a drop shadow.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element22 paste as new layer drag to left of layer
 resize 36 percent add drop shadow.
Open DPI_SexyTatoo_element08 paste as new layer move to left 
 resize 32 percent add drop shadow.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge .
You can resize or crop now and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.