Beauty Is What Gives You Joy ♥

Written on 28th April 2013 using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.


Garden Grow created by Mrs W 
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Scrappindollars.

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Verymany
This is a FTU and can be found Here
Please do not use tube/s without a valid license.

Mask of Choice.

Let's Go!!!

New transparent raster layer 800 x 800.

You can resize or crop later.Closeout Foreground.

Select  rounded rectangle shape draw out a large rectangle, convert to Raster layer.
With Selection tool draw out a large square then tap delete.Add a new layer.
Select paper_05 copy paste into selection.Dont deselect.
Selections Modify Contract by 45-hit ok.Tape delete.Deselect.Drag below first frame layer.
Then apply Effects-Inner Bevel with these setting apply this to both down.Apply drop shadow.

Click inside frame with Magic wand. Add a new layer select paper_04 
copy paste into selection,deselect.
OPen your closeup tube paste as new layer resize if needed to fit your tube then 
change Blend mode to Luminacy(L) and lower Opacity to 46. 
Open bow04 copy paste as new layer resize 43 percent.FreeRotate 35-Left.Duplicate Mirror.
Place both at top of frame.
Open your main tube copy paste as new layer adjust size if needed move to right of layer then 
add a drop shadow.
I used the following Elements adjust size if needed.
Fence01- 85 percent.Arrange bottom of frame.Add a drop shadow.
Flowers 01,02,03,09,10 resize all 65 percent arrange around fence give all a drop shadow.
Flowerbox01 resize 75 percent add drop shadow position on right bottom of layer.
Boots01 resize 65 percent  drag to left of layer, add drop shadow.
Handrake01 resize 39 percent FreeRotate 37 Right, add a drop shadow.
Move to bottom center of layer.
Handshovel01 resize 39 percent FreeRotae 37 Left, add a drop shadow.Move next to handrake.
I add some wordart you may use this or chose one of your own.
Select all on background layer copy paste into selection paper_10 apply your mask merge group.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.