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PTU Christmas created by Stef's Scrapskits
You can purchase this beautifull scrap kit at Scrappindollars.

Artwork of © Tiffany TolandScott tube 21-1
Currently available at Creative Design Outlet.
You will need a license to use this artwork.

Font of choice.

Mask HHP_7 by Bev of HorseplaysPastures.
Mask Snowflake Mask_5 by Tonya-Creative Misfit Creations

This was written with the use of PSP X5.
You may recreate it any version of PSP.

New transparent raster layer 800 x 800.

You can resize or crop later.

Click on your background layer Select All.

Open pap09_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste into selection apply mask HHP_7 merge group.

New layer select all then open pap03_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste into selection.
Apply Snowflake Mask_5 merge group.

Open ele53_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste as new layer.Click inside circle with Magic wand Selections modify expand by 4.Add a new layer
Open pap13_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits Image-flip copy paste into selection on the new layer.
Open your closeup tube copy paste as new layer position to your liking. Selections Invert then tap delete.Deselect.
Open ele30_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste below tube layer.
Open ele24_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste above tube layer move down slightly.
Open ele17_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste above frame layer resize 75 percent position on tube.
open ele06_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste as new layer below frame paper.
Open ele11_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste as new layer move to right side of frame, resize 70 percent.
Open ele21_Christmas_Stef's Scrapkits copy paste above second mask layer.
Oen your main tube copy paste position on left of frame.
Add your Artist © and your name then crop or resize.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to see your results please email me Here
so that I can show them on my Blog.

Tutorial by © Maree *(DesignsbyFalcon)  January 2013.