Forum Set - LoveLetters ♥


PTU - Hearts A Flutter created by Irish Bitch Designs
You can purchase this beautiful kit at Scrapppindollars.

Artwork of © Karen Middleton   Tube-Rasberry Ripple
Currently available at CDO.
You will need a license to use this artwork.
My license for this tube is with CILM.

Font of choice

Forum Mask_28  by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs.

This was written with the use of PSP X5.
You may recreate it any version of PSP.

New transparent raster layer 650 x 250.

Select all then open IBD_HF_Paper8 copy paste into selection, deselect.
Copy paste IBD_HF_Paper7 paste as a new layer.Apply mask merge group.
Then lower the Opacity to 45.
Open IBD_HF_Loveletters copy paste resize 45 percent move sligtly to left of center. Add a

light drop shadow.
Copy and paste your tube of choice add light drop shadow.
Open IBD_HF_HeartScatter copy paste as new layer move to top of layer.Add drop shadow.
Open IBD_HF_Sparkles copy paste as new layer move to bottom of layer then Image Flip-

Horizontal drag back to left of layer.Add a light drop shadow.
Open IBD_HF_Butterfly copy paste as new layer. Image Flip-Horizontal resize 16 percent move to

left of layer add a drop shadow.
Add a new raster layer.Change your FG:ae8c5c BG-Null
Click on Rectangle tool with these settings:
click to enlarge.

Select rectangle with Magic wand, Adjust-Add Nosie- with these settings:

Merge all Flatten
Add your Artist © and your name.


Open new 150 X 150 select all.
Undo your large forum tag x-out the border layer.
Merge layers then select a selection with your Selection tool.
Copy paste into selection deselect.
Add the artist  © then your initial.
Add the border the same as we did for the large forum tag.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to see your results please email me Here
so that I can show them on my Blog.

Tutorial by © Maree *(DesignsbyFalcon)  January 2013.