Irish Legend ♣

This tutorial was written and created by me on 4th March 2014
and for those with a working knowledge of PSP

Supplies needed 

Created by using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.

I am using the fantstic artwork of  © Misticheskaya with a valid license
Please go Here to purchase tubes and license.

Scrapkit  Irish Legends created by Graphics of Fantasy
You can find this beautiful kit Here.

Mask53 by Simone Here  misfitcreations
You will find this under St Past's masks

Font  ObbetteScriptSSK Bold

New transparent raster layer 800 x 800   .

You can resize or crop later.

C/p frame GOF_Irish_Legends(6) resize 75 percent duplicate arrange on layer see tag for pplacement.
Click inside bottom frame Modify Expand by 4 add new raster layer
c/p paper GOF_Irish_legends(6) into selection Adjust Blur-Guassian blur-3, deselelct.
Click on duplicated frame (4) Modify Expand by 4 add new raster.
C/p paper GOF_Irish_legends(5) into selections.
C/p a closeup of your tube move to left of frame lower Opacity to 26 change Mode to Lumancy (L).Deselect.
Open frame GOF_Irish_legends 4 c/p as new layer.
Resize 75 percent.
Open frame GOF_Irish_Legends 3c/p resize 72 percent place over frame 4. 
Click inside frame 4 with Magic wand Modify Expand by 4 new layer.
C/p paper GOF_Irish_Legends(4) into selection drag below frame layer.
C/p a different closeup of your tube and lower Opacity 51.
C/p element GOF_Irish_Legends(36) move to left of frame.
C/p element GOF_Irish_Legends(15) move to right of layer resize 75 percent twice.
C/p your main tube resize if needed move to right of layer.
C/p element GOF_Irish_Legends(24) resize 45 percent Flip arrange on layer.
On background layer select all c/p into selection paper OF_Irish_Legends(3) .
Appy your mask merge layers

Give a drop shadow 2/2/50/5 to except closeup/s of tube.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save as png.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.