Fanasty Whispers♥

Fantasy Whispers

Written on 3 June 2013   using PSP X3 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP


Natural World of Fantasy created by Disyas Digital Designs.
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Scraps From The Heart Here.

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Carson Vinson 
You will find the tube at CDO Here
Please do not use tube/s without a valid license.

Let's Go!!!

New transparent raster layer 700 x 530.
You can resize or crop later.

Put your BG to grey and closeout your FG.

Select your Preset shape tool and draw out a medium rectangle.Duplicate twice.
Rename the layers R1-R2-R3.Select layer R1-FreeRotate 15 Left, select layer
R3-FreeRotate 15 Right.See below for placement.
Duplicate all rectangles layers rename B1-B2-B3 then resize these duplicated layers
by 110 percent.See below for placements.

Select Disyas_NWF_P4 then copy.
Using Magic wand select B1 then paste paper into selection-deselect. Repeat for B2-B3 layers.
Apply dropshadow with these settings below:
click to enlarge

Select Disyas_NWF_P14 resize 75 percent Image copy.Select R1 with Magic wand then
paste into selection-deselect.
Select Disyas_NWF_P12 resize 75 percent Image copy.Select R2 with Magic wand then
 paste into selection-deselect.
Select Disyas_NWF_P15 resize 75 percent Image copy.Select R3 with Magic wand
then paste into selection-deselect.
Apply same drop shadow settings as before to all 3 layers.

Select your background layer then open Disyas_NWF_P10 copy then paste into selection-deselect.
Select Disyas_NWF_E3 copy paste as new layer drag to bottom of layer.
Select Disyas_NWF_E14 copy paste as new layer move to bottom center of layer
resize85 percent add drop shadow 1-1-65-5.
Select Disyas_NWF_E46 paste as new layer resize 25 percent move
 to bottom right add drop shadow. 
Select Disyas_NWF_E10 paste as new layer below E3 layer move to left then duplicate
 mirror make any adjustments needed, see tag give both a light drop shadow.
Select Disyas_NWF_E54 paste as new  layer above R2 layer resize 18 percent move
 to top left corner, add drop shadow.
Select Disyas_NWF_E21 paste as new layer above R1 layer. Resize 16 percent
 move to top right corner add drop shadow.
Select Disyas_NWF_E26 paste as a new layer above background layer,move up, see tag.
Select Disyas_NWF_E44 paste as new layer place between R1-R2 add drop shadow.
Select Disyas_NWF_E86 paste as new layer Image Mirror resize 80 percent move to right of layer.
Add you tube/s of choice give a drop shadow.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.