Love You Mummy ♥

Written on    using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowkedge of PSP


  Love You Mum created Bubble's Dream.
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Lollipops N Gumdrops.

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Caron Vinson

Please do not use tube/s without a valid license.

Animation Shop - Bling of Choice.
 The Bling I used I am unsure of who created it if it is yours please
let me know I will give credit.

Let's Go!!!!

New transparent raster layer 600 x 600.
You can resize or crop later.

Floodfill your background layer with #ffffff.
Open Element01 paste as new layer click inside each frame with Magic wand
Selection-Modify-Expand by 6 open paper02 new layer paste into selection, deselect drag below

frame layer.Give frame a drop shadow.
Select Element08 paste as new layer resize 75 percent move to left frame add drop shadow.
Select Element35 paste as new layer drag to right of frame give a light drop shadow.
Select Element40 paste as new layer move to left of layer add drop shadow.
Select Element10 paste as new layer arrange on left side of bottle add light drop shadow.
Select Element30 paste as new layer in center resize 70 percent add drop shadow.
Select Element05 paste as new layer top right of frame add drop shadow.
Select Element15 paste as new layer at top of frame add drop shadow.
Select Element24 paste as new layer under the center flower of element15 add light drop shadow.
Select Element12 paste as new layer at botom give light drop shadow.
Select Element28 paste as new layer to right of layer add drop shadow.
Select your tube of choice give a drop shadow.

I used 2 different masks to finish this tag.If you chose to do same these are the masks used.
WSL_84 with paper24 and HorsePlays Pastures mask 7 with paper19.


If you wish to animate your tube select your bling to use.
Count the frames need then paste your tag as new animation.
Use Ctrl+L hit till you have required number of frames.
Select your Propagate Button to ensure you will be able to paste to all frames.
Select all your frames on bling Edit Copy then on tag select all frames on your tag.
Select the first frame Paste-Into selected frame.Usually first frame of tag.
Check your animation the Save as Gif.
Remember if you dont like the placement the hit the Undo key and redo.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.