Are You Ready Boys!!!

Written on April 14 2013-using PSP X5 - any resemblance to another is coincidental.
This was written for those with a working knowkedge of PSP


Chicks and Guns created by Shells Scraps
You can purchase this beautiful kit from Exquisite Scraps.

Artwork of choice - I am using the work of Disco Science - Exclusive Tube.

Please do not use tube/s without a valid license.

Template 108 by Scraps of Enchantment

Let's Go!!!

Open the Template duplicate close original.

Delete the copyright infor layer.

On Circle layer Select all Float Defloat new layer paste paper5 deselect.
Change Blend mode to Luminacy (L).
Select Innerframe layer select all float defloat paste into selection paper10 deselect.
Open studdedheart copy paste as new layer resize 40 percent add drop shadow.
Open bullet1 copy paste as new layer resize 35 percent add drop shadow.
Select PinkRectangle select all float defloat copy paste paper3 into selection - deselect.
Select GreyRectangle select allfloat defloat copy paste paper4 into selection -deselect.
Open Braclet2 copy paste as new layer resize 20 percent-arrange over greyrectanle edge.
 Use your Eraser-size4 to give the effect its hanging there.
Add your tube/s of choice arrange on layer.
I pasted 1 tube with sword below Pinkrectagle layer .
Using selection tool select part of the sword.

Promote selection to layer deselect. Move above pinkrectangle layer.
Give your tube/s only a drop shadow.
Open Button1 copy paste as new layer resize 8 percent add drop shadow
 then duplicate - arrange on layer.
Select Largestar layer - open star4 copy paste as new layer then use your 
Pick tool to resize over largestar, add drop shadow.
Open staffy1 copy paste resize 85 percent add a drop shadow.
Open boots1 copy paste as new layer resize 45 percent add a drop shadow.
Select Boys layer select all Float Defloat add a new layer.
Open paper1 copy paste into selection on new layer-deselect.
Add Noise-Uniform 50% Monochrome ticked.Add drop shadow.
Add a new layer right click  Arrange send to bottom select all.
Select paper 5 copy paste into selection apply your mask merge.

Add your Artist © license and your name merge and save.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it.

Tutorial by © Maree *(DesignsbyFalcon) 2013.