Cream of the Irish ♣

Supplies Needed

PTU Irish Cream created by BLT DeZignz
You can purchase this beautiful kit at.Scrappindollars

Artwork of © Jose Cano - Rachel
Currently available at SATC.
You will need a license to use this artwork.

Font of choice

Template  by Sue Here

This was written with the use of PSP X5.
You may recreate it any version of PSP.

Duplicate your template then close original.Delete the © layer.

You can resize or crop later.

Click on Mask layer Select All Float Deflaot.Open BLT_IrCrm_Smudge copy paste into selection.
On rectangle layer select all Float Deflaot copy paste into selection BLT_IrCrm_PP12 repeat this for the other rectangle layer.
Click on rectangle frame Select All Float Deflaot flood fill with Earth 2 Gradient(Green).
Add Noise with these setings, then add drop shadow.Repeat for other frame layers.

Click on circles 2 Select all Float Deflaot open BLT_IrCrm_PP3.Open your material palette -Pattern and find the paper Angle 45 Scale 100. Repeat for circle 1 but use your Gadient color this time. Give both a drop shadow.
Open BLT_IrCrm_PP4 resize 50 percent twice copy.
Click on circle layer select all Float Defloat paste PP4 into selection, deselect.
Repeat for cirlce frame the same as we did the rectangle frames and add a Inner bevel to the circle frame with these settings.

On Dot circle layer give a drop shadow to layer.
Open BLT_IrCrm_Envelope copy paste above dots layer resize to fit then add a drop shadow.
Open BLT_IrCrm_Ribon1 coy paste above rectangle frame layer resize to fit then
Image Mirror give a drop shadow.
Open BLT_IrCrm_String copy paste above ribbon layer resize to fit. With your selection tool or eraser if you feel more comfortable using erase part of the ribbon on the top left.See below.
Add your tube now resize if needed I placed mine on the left of layer add drop shadow.
Using your selection tool select part of the tube promote selection to layer.
Duplicate it twice.Arrange on layer to your liking above rectangle layer.
Blend Mode to Luminace(L) to all duplicated layers.On the left tube make the  Opacity to 82 tube on right Opacity 66 and center I resized this again give Opacity 78.

Open BLT_IrCrm_Cluster copy paste above rectangle frame layer resize add a drop shadow.
Open BLT_IrCrm_Bow2 copy paste above cluster layer resize to fitImage Mirror-Flip give a drop shadow.
Open BLT_IrCrm_Flower1 copy paste above verical rectangle layer resize to fit the Duplicate Image Mirror arrange  on layer.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop or resize.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.

I'd love to see your results please email me Here 
so that I can show them on my Blog.

Tutorial by © Maree *(DesignsbyFalcon)  March 2013.