Grooving to the Beat*

PTU- Rebel Yell created by Shells Scraps .
You can purchase at Exquisite Scraps .

Artwork of ©Elias Chatudizous_Yeah Baby.
Currently available at Elias Art Shop .
You will need a license to use this artwork.

Font of choice

Mask wsl_204 by Weescotslass.

This was written with the use of PSP X3.
You may recreate it any version of PSP.

Animation Shop.

New transparent raster layer 800 x 800.

You can resize or crop later.

Select all on backgrund layer.Open paper4 copy paste into selection. Deselect.
Apply your mask then merge group.
Open musicalnote 5 copy paste as new layer move to top of  layer give a light drop shadow.
Open discoball2 copy paste as new layer resize 85 percent, move up slightly see tag,
give a  light drop shadow.
Open your tube of choice or the one I used copy paste as new layer add drop shadow.
Open drumset1 copy paste as new layer arrange in front of tube then resize 85 percent.
Add a  drop shadow.
Open noticeboard1 copy paste as new layer resize 65 percent move to right of layer
add drop shadow.
Open teddy1 copy paste as new layer,resize 32 percent move to top right on noticeboard,
give a  light drop shadow.
Open boot 1 copy paste as new layer move to left of layer in fron of drums.
Resize 32 percent add drop shadow, duplicate rename boot2.
With your Pick tool angle front of boot up then closeout the layer.
Open musicalnotes 2 and 3 copy paste as new layers, resize both 30 percent then
duplicate each once. Place them around to your liking or where I placed mine.
Give all a drop shadow.
Add your Artist © and your name.

Please continue on to animate your tag.

Animation Shop

Open   animation shop then click into psp.

Click on background layer-Edit-Copy Special-Copy Merged.
click into AS Edit-paste as new animation.
Back in Psp close out boot 1 open boot2 layer.
Click on Edit-Copy Special-Copy Merged.
Back in AS click on frame1 Edit-Paste After Current Frame.
Click back into Psp closeout boot2 layer open boot 1 layer.
Edit-Copy special-copy merged, back in AS click on frame2 then paste after curent frame.
Select All then Animation-Frame Properties change to 20 or higher is you
 want the boot to move slower.

Click on Animation-Resize Animation 80 percent click okay.

Save as a Gif.

Thank you for trying my tutorial, I hope you enjoyed it.
I'd love to see your results so that I can show them on my Blog.

Tutorial by © Maree *(DesignsbyFalcon) 2013.